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Bespoke Certifications

-Certified Customer Service Delivery Professional
-Aspiring Managers & Supervisors Master Class
-Certified Customer Service Manager
- ATHE UK Level 6 Certificate in Project Management
_ATHE UK Level 5 Certificate in Human Resource Management

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KFC ICT Training, Participants Comments, It was fun all the way, Great facilitators, Great Content. I found this training very helpful, this will impact my job positively. Thank you

KFC ICT Training, The course content is very rich, the facilitators are highly skilled. I would recommend this course to any organisation.

Customer Service Week Event
2015 Customer Service Week Celebrations comes up on the 9th October 2015 featuring the African Service Quality and Customer Heart Beat Awards 2015, The Front line Super Star Awards, the Famous Heart of Kings Ceremony and a powerful Exhibition Platform to showcase your products and services. Its time to appreciate your internal and external customers. click on the image above for details on how to participate.
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African Customer Service Week Celebrations & Professional Recognition Awards Program 2012 Photo Gallery. View more pictures

Career Training

How to turn Interviews to Job offers

Theme: How to convert interviews to Jobs.

Course Duration: 2 days.
Motivation: We spend years going to school, acquiring degrees and diploma. Our parents spend millions on our school fees but sadly, we are thrown into the job market to drown like a stone dropped at the middle of the high see. Some parents even go the extra mile to exhaust all numbers on their phone book announcing your graduation and seeking help for your employment. The case is even worst when an interview opportunity has been secured and you sit before an interviewer. Some applicants simply freeze and waste that opportunity. To others, it’s the first time to think deeply about themselves. Research has proven that people, who invest in their career, seek professional advice on how to overcome interview barriers stand higher chances of succeeding. We have offered this training to quite a number of people and the outcomes are very encouraging.
Employers don’t hire the most qualified applicants. They employ applicants they want to work with and who have displayed the right attitude in the interview. The philosophy and practices of corporate hiring does not change rapidly. Too many people have had several interviews with no offers. This is a very costly and de-motivating experience. To be sure, you need to work at getting interviews, but you also need to work hard to ensure your success. The skills to turn an interview into a job have little to do with having the skills to do the job. The interview situation is not a place to proof your true self but your ability to work with that organisation and produce excellent results.
Who should attend this seminar?

  • Already employed but wishing to move up the corporate ladder
  • Need to change my job urgently, don’t like my job, so unhappy and disgruntled
  • I have been on this job for too long on this job, no promotions
  • A degree with No Job, Where Do I Start?
  • I have an interview to attend, need to prepare.
  • I am confused, what do I do next in order to progress, just need help.

Content of Training

  • Preparation pays: Keys to preparation
  • Building your CV
  • Knowing Myself. Keys Self profiling
  • How to sell yourself.
  • Create the first impression in first 5seconds
  • The write attitude in interviews
  • Adopting a unique communication style
  • Research the company: what do you research?
  • Confident speaking
  • Practice and role plays
  • Prepare to close the deal
  • Using the Chameleon Model
  • Using the mirror model

Personal Career Programs

Theme: Building my personal Career
Course Duration: 1 day
Who attends this Training? If you answer yes to any of the questions below, then this course is for you,

  • I have just graduated from school
  • I have just landed my First Job
  • I am at my first few years of work or at a career crossroad
  • I am feeling disgruntled, de-motivated, confused and in need of guidance


Motivation: Your career is your responsibility. Most employees make the horrible mistake by passing this responsibility to their employers to manage. We are yet to see an organisation that has successfully manage the careers of the entire workforce. For most employers, in the face of plenty job seekers, there is a scarcity of labor. Most recruiters interview as much as 15 applicants to recruit just one. The case is even worse when it is an internal recruitment opportunity. We have experience instances where hundreds of employees apply for a single position within the organisation. Here are some reasons why you Are your Career Success Maker:

  • You decide what Career path you want to pursue.
  • You have to plan how to achieve your desired career
  • You will be the one to implement this plan
  • You will be the one to overcome the Challenges.

What CCSP will do for you?

  • We will guide you in deciding your future career. We are 96% better off focusing our energy on what we can do rather than focusing on everything at the same time.
  • We will help direct you on how to prepare and plan your career
  • We will help you identify your challenges and show you ways to overcome these challenges
  • Most of all, we will encourage and motivate you to achieve results.

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Corporate Career Program

Theme: Developing a positive attitude at work.

Course Duration: 1 day
Are great employee qualities fast disappearing in the workforce? If it is then you should invite us to quickly assist in addressing your employees so that they can acquire some great qualities to remain motivated, productive and competitive in the work place. Great course with standard role plays, activities and practical sessions. Content build around great motivational theories that will result to high employee productivity, cost efficiency and increased profitability.

  • Some employee great qualities
  • What does it take to go a step beyond your current role?
  • What makes an employee a competitive advantage
  • How to manage yourself at work
  • How to manage time
  • How do you manage your boss for success
  • Living a managerial attitude
  • How to strive for excellence
  • Building work relationships
  • Work to achieve results
  • Can-do
  • How to contribute positively and lots more.

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Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher. – Japanese Proverb.

Our areas of career focus include: Success Mindset, Personal Branding, Credibility, Leadership and Decision Making, Communication, Work Life Balance, Working Well with Others
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